Who we are


Raimond Torrents

Raimond Torrents Fernández, founder of Torrents & Friends, started in the world of corporate events after five years of business studies, an MBA (from ESADE), and three years in the marketing department of a North American multinational (CPC España/ Best Foods). In 1987 he entered the world of show business as general manager at Animación del Ocio S.A., a company dedicated to manage and schedule unusual venues to open up a market in the creation and production of corporate events, combining his business acumen and his experience in show business.

In 1990 he created his own event agency, Compañía de Actos Singulares SL, with offices in Madrid and Barcelona which would become a leader in the industry in a few short years.

In 1991 Compañía de Actos Singulares joined the structure of Ovideo Bassat Sport to face one of the most exciting challenges a professional event organizer might have: the opening and closing ceremonies for the Olympic Games in Barcelona 1992.

In 2001 Compañía de Actos Singulares merged with the Italian group Euphon S.p.A. to create Euphon Events, S.L. Raimond Torrents was named general manager.

In 2003 he left his post at Euphon Events and after a period of research and personal development he created the events agency Torrents & Friends, S.L.

In 2005, Raimond Torrents published ‘Company Events. The Power of Live Communication’ (Deusto), the first book of corporate events published by a Spanish author and which some of the top professionals in the industry from Spain and Latin America participated in. This was followed by other titles like ‘Creation and Design of Events’ (Shanghai Arts and Design Academy, 2013), specifically for the Chinese events industry and collaborations with Spanish universities, ‘Events: Functions and Trends (Universidad de Deusto 2010) and ‘Public Relations and Communications Departments’ (Tirant Humanidades-UAB 2014).

His teaching experience and the concern to raise the level of training of professionals in the MICE industry inspired Raimond Torrents to found the Event Management Institute in 2012, an organisation dedicated to research, training, and education in the events industry.

Over his more than 30 years of continued presence in the world of corporate events, Raimond Torrents has created and led projects nationally and internationally, has been asked to judge the prizes offered by EIBTM and Eventoplus, has written numerous articles for marketing and communication publications, and has given conferences and lessons all related to events organization and the resources of live communication.

África Ortega de Frutos, partner at Torrents & Friends and in charge of the production for the events we organize, is a woman destined to work in the field of live events, of live communication, which she is truly passionate about. With a background in Tourism and an MBA from the University of Barcelona, África arrived at the Catalonian capital from her native city, Madrid, in 1992 after an intense experience as production assistant at the Seville Expo. In Barcelona she joined the staff at the car manufacturer SEAT where she worked at different positions (human resources, marketing, pricing department, etc.) until she found her spot in the event organisation department in 2001 which she led until 2007 when she left to join Torrents & Friends.

Her work at SEAT, leading all kinds of international events, gave her an extensive experience in huge events with big budgets and complex planning, production, and execution processes to ensure their success.

A huge fan of arts and crafts (especially crochet), África is a tireless traveller and avid reader who goes nowhere without her trusty e-book by her side.

More than 10 years leading the production department at Torrents & Friends has made África one of the most effective production directors in Spain. Her interest in personally directing the events she organises has earned her an incredible reputation in this industry which especially values her ability to effectively and, what’s even more important, efficiently lead the delicate moment of the rehearsals before any event without wasting time.